PXT Select (English-language)

Map out skills, preferences, and interests. For personal and professional development, it's essential to thoroughly examine your cognitive abilities, behavioral preferences, and occupational interests and understand how these align with specific roles. The PXT Select provides an integrated overview of all these aspects in one structured test.
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The PXT Select is a versatile psychometric test that measures cognitive abilities, behavioral preferences, and occupational interests. This test can be combined with a job model (standard or customized) to assess the suitability of candidates for specific roles and professions. It examines a wide range of competency scales that encompass a person's educational level, personality structure, and occupational interests, making it an essential tool for coaches, trainers, HR professionals, and recruitment specialists.

Comparison between PXT Select and Profile XT

PXT Select shares many similarities with the Profile XT. The main difference between the two lies in the design; PXT Select has a more modern design and utilizes adaptive testing techniques. Another significant difference is that PXT Select is not available in the Dutch language.

Reliability and validity

The PXT Select has been repeatedly tested for reliability and has a Cronbach's Alpha score of 0.80 per scale, indicating high consistency in measurements. The test also undergoes regular validation processes to ensure that it accurately measures what it is supposed to measure and performs well compared to other recognized assessment instruments.

Usage Advice

The PXT Select is designed to provide in-depth insights and support gut feelings with hard data, leading to meaningful discussions and better decisions. We recommend incorporating the research results as a third factor in the selection of candidates, ensuring a balanced approach where both quantitative and qualitative data play a role.


  • Duration: Approximately 60 minutes, without time limit; can be paused intermittently.
  • Languages: Available in English and Spanish.


Various reports can be generated from the test results, ranging from concise to extensive and from textual to graphical. When using a job model, the match with a role can be analyzed in detail, and specific interview questions can be formulated, which is useful for selection or coaching conversations.


  • Use of Notes: Participants are allowed to use a notepad during the test, for example, for calculations.
  • Truthfulness: A special algorithm measures the honesty of the answers.
  • Webcam not required: A webcam is not necessary.
  • Testing Conditions: We recommend taking the test in a quiet environment when the participant is fit and rested.

Professional Assessment Center (PAC)

Access to our online Professional Assessment Center (PAC) is necessary for using this test. Within this testing center, as a test administrator, you have the ability to invite participants to various tests and manage all associated reports in a secure environment. By default, up to three employees from your organization can access it with their own accounts.

The annual cost for using the PAC testing center is €258 excluding VAT. We ensure seamless integration with your business processes, set it up together with you, and provide training to make you fully familiar with the system.

Support from Profiles International

We provide full support throughout the entire process, from setting up the system to executing the tests. We also assist you in interpreting and applying the test results. For technical, practical, or content-related questions, we are always available to assist you. Interested in comprehensive training or certification? That is also an option!

How does it work?

  • Invite

    The participant receives an email invitation to take the test. This invitation is sent by the test administrator from the EPIC system. If the test is administered on-site, the test administrator can also set it up on a local computer.

  • Schedule

    The participant decides for themselves where and when to take the test. The test administrator can set a maximum deadline for completing the test in the EPIC system. Specific arrangements may apply when administering the test on-site.

  • Report

    Upon completion of the test, the test administrator receives an email confirmation, and the desired reports are immediately generated. In the EPIC system, the test administrator can set whether these reports are also automatically sent to the participant. There is a wide range of reports available that the test administrator can select and configure. Subsequently, the test results are discussed and applied, depending on the specific process and services offered by the test administrator.

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Coaches en trainers

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I'm interested! How can I order tests right now?

Great to hear that you're interested! You can order tests directly by contacting us. We're eager to discuss how we can get started quickly. You don't need to pay anything in advance through the website; we'll set up the tests quickly and payment will be made via an invoice afterwards.

How can I quickly integrate your tests into my process?

We quickly assess your needs and provide a suitable, tailor-made solution. For example, we can start with a service that completely takes care of you: from planning tests to jointly evaluating reports. Then we can work towards a situation where, with our support and any certification programs, you can increasingly manage tasks yourself. Do you want to invite someone for a first test within an hour? Or do you want to start setting up your own test center that aligns with your branding and processes? The choice is yours; we offer customization and there are many different possibilities.

Why should I choose your tests over those from other providers?

Over the past decades, we have seen many hypes and so-called 'innovative tests' come and go. Our tests, assessments, and online learning tools come from Wiley, a global leader in scientific publishing and professional learning solutions for over a century. They have a solid foundation and are continuously adapted to meet contemporary needs and requirements. The reliable, validated tools are used by hundreds of thousands of organizations worldwide. We enrich these with our own expertise, a personal approach, and customized services.

How secure are my data?

Your data is safe, protected by a comprehensive security policy that follows the principles of confidentiality, integrity, and availability. Our security program, based on the NIST Cybersecurity Framework, includes policies, standard operating procedures, and technical controls. We use Amazon Web Services (AWS) for cloud storage, recognized for its robust security measures. The data is stored in data centers in Northern Virginia, USA, and meets strict AWS security standards, including compliance programs and ISO certifications. Data is encrypted during transit and storage using HTTPS (SHA256) and AES256, respectively. We ensure regular backups and security scans, use of a web application firewall (WAF), and conduct regular vulnerability scans to maintain security.

How reliable are your tests?

The Everything DiSC tests, based on solid psychometric principles, have been extensively tested and validated to ensure the consistency and accuracy of measurements. The test-retest reliability for the DiSC scales shows stable scores between 0.85 and 0.88 over two weeks. The internal consistency, measured with Cronbach's alpha, ranges from 0.79 to 0.90, which underscores high reliability. The PXT, PXT Select, PPI, and PSA tests also show consistent Cronbach's Alpha scores of 0.80, and undergo regular validation to ensure their precision. More information is available in our research documents.